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The Vampire Diaries: Pilot (Pilot) When: Tonight at 8/7c on The CW Who: Elijah, of course. Where: Caroline's loft. Why: Because it's a TV show and it always takes place in a really cool place, and she's there. When Caroline walked into the loft tonight, you could tell she was in a really good mood. It was a little bit better than last week, anyway. There's no denying that Elijah and Rebekah's wedding has the potential to be the most emotional episode we've seen in the entire series. The entire town is still reeling from the wedding scene from last week. Caroline's life was thrown in a crazy whirlwind when she found out that Elijah was the father of her baby. The episode opened up with Damon on the phone with Stefan. It's a little weird to think of Damon as the bad guy, since last week he felt like the only one in town who was trying to find out the truth about Caroline's pregnancy. Damon doesn't know anything about her past, and doesn't believe her when she tells him about the baby, which is why she decided to stay with Stefan and not come to Bonnie's place. Damon warns her that not knowing anything about her history will be dangerous for her. However, he also hints that Bonnie could be the key to her survival. As much as she's struggled to get her life back together, she still has some hope that Bonnie could be the answer. Stefan has also been struggling. When Caroline walked into his loft, he felt an overwhelming sense of panic at the news she had been given. If she's pregnant with his child, that means she's going to die. We learned that since Elijah killed her mother, she doesn't have a soul to save her life. What's worse is that Stefan knows what that means. He's seen the look of sorrow and anger in his brother's eyes every time he's killed a vampire. He knows his own sister is going to be lost forever. Stefan knows he has to convince Caroline to leave Mystic Falls forever, and if he can't, he's going to have to make it happen. He's also aware that he's still a Vampire-killer and someone has to be the bad guy here. Stefan knows his brother will make a good one, but he's also watched as his brother lies to everyone in Mystic Falls in order to protect his




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[FULL] Free Download Utorrent Vampire Diaries Season 3 Ep 22 2022 [New]

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